Recharging or relaxing?

According to a study by Microsoft, the average American worker spends 45 hours a week at work, with 16 of those hours being described as “unproductive.” That amounts to two days a week where your employees are doing nothing. But are those frequent breaks really wasting time? Lisa Belkin of the New York Times suggests that these breaks, perhaps to browse Amazon or check personal emails, are recharge times, when the real work gets done. Like an elite athlete, we work most efficiently in “concentrated bursts” and need that down time to ready the body to make the game-changing plays.

Whether she’s right or wrong, it brings up the point that we should focus more on results and less on time spent in the office. Longer hours does not mean you’re working harder. Help your employees prioritize their projects to meet their deadlines and keep them motivated!

Click here to read “Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent.”


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