Shopping on company time

Online shopping has never been easier or more convenient. At your fingertips is everything you could possibly want. And really, everyone needs a break now and again. We can’t be expected to work all day, non stop, right?

True. Everyone needs a break. But according to a recent survey, employees are planning on spending more than fourteen hours shopping online at work this holiday season. That’s nearly two full work-days. Not to mention, one in ten employees will spend more than thirty hours looking high and low for that perfect gift.

This is a great time to remind your employees of your computer use policy. You might also benefit from focusing more on results – as long as your employees are completing their work and it meets your standards, let them enjoy their freedom. Every company and manager is different, so use your personal touch to keep things on track this holiday season.

To read more about the study discussed, click here.

Online shopping at work is so prevalent, you’ll even find humorous e-cards on the topic. Click here to check it out.


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